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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

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Joining leading edges & fuel tanks? Jonction bords d'attaque & réservoirs essence

Last problem on right wing: after riveting leading edge.
Joining plate : holes are not opposite with fuel tank hole.
Top fuel tank edge is festooned.
[image=619] [image=620] [image=621] [image=622] [image=623]
Answer from Gus:
It doesn't look like the holes are so far off that you would need to drill new ones in the tank skins. They only appear to be about 1/4 hole off at most? You could enlarge the tank skin holes if necessary, or you could move the nutplate a little (you would need to rotate it to drill new holes to attach it) and enlarge the hole in the joint plate.
Make sure the bolts in the Z brackets are properly torqued and also that you don't have something stuck behind the Z brackets that may be preventing the tank from moving back far enough towards the spar.

edge_rolling_tools.jpgexemple d'outils à utiliser pour éviter ça.

2004 10 06 wing skins 004 2.jpg

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