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Removing skin for deburring, dimpling and prime

Wrong drill
I had wrong drill in bulkheads.
And in some places (under longerons) i dimple holes in bulkheads, but they don't be dimpling holes.
What can i do ?
Van's answer (Gus):
" It doesn't look bad enough to worry too much.
It's best to cover up the extra holes to reinforce the area though.
I would take some .032 material and make some small patches the same size as the flanges, that also bend and mate with the web of the bulkhead.
These could be bonded or riveted in place and drilled/dimpled to match the skin holes. "

F808 wrong drill 2 or 3 holes instead 1 F807 wrong drill: 2 holes instead 1  Page précédente - Page suivante

2007_03_19_Inverting_fuselage_11.jpg 2007_03_19_Inverting_fuselage_12.jpg 20080419-155710-0010122-fuselage.jpg


Levrie - on Jul. 30 2006
I would re assess each bulkhead individually and possibly consider rebuilding/re inforcing the flanges that are spoilt.

Gus' answers still leave a lot open for interpretation.

It may be just as quick, and certainly better, to replace them. There's still more you can get along with whilst waiting for the items to arrive. I think you'd be happier in the longer term.

Hope this helps
Sangliervolant - on Aug. 25 2006
Levrie : question posée à Van's:
" a friend of me (english RV8 builder) said: "when van's said: "too much" you must understand "bad" and  buying new pieces.
perhaps, the best is buying new bulheads for feeling safe later ?
the problem is that all skins are dimple. "

Sangliervolant - on Aug. 25 2006
Sangliervolant : la réponse de Van's:
" If I thought you needed new bulkheads I would say so. I think that replacing them would be more difficult than fixing it using the patches I described. With those doublers, it will be as strong as the original design. If most of the holes in a bulkhead are bad, it may be best to  replace it, but not for a small number. The other guy doesn't address the issue of how difficult it would be to fit new bulkheads when the skin is already dimpled.

Also, bear in mind that there is no "correct" answer. If you feel more comfortable replacing the bulkheads, go ahead. I wouldn't if it was my airplane, but that's just my opinion. As with medicine, I recommend you use the least drastic remedy; you wouldn't cut off your foot if you had a bruised toe. Looking at your pics again, the
real problem seems to be the F-815B rib where all the holes seem to be in the wrong place. I would replace that one as it's relatively simple to do compared to the 807/808 bulkheads. "


Levrie - on Aug. 25 2006
Sangliervolant: Gus has provided a much clearer and reassuring response to your original question.

Will you replace the rib he refers to? It is true that I did not take into account the pre dimpled skin issue he refers to.


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