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Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

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Certification of Van Project in France


I wish to build a RV8a from a kit to be registered and inspected for certification in France. I have a residence in France but currently work in Australia. I will be in Australia for about 3 more years then return to France to retire. I dont want to wait for 3 years before I start the build so my idea was to start to build here in australia with the Kit registered in France for the F-XXXX .Build only to a stage where a complete inspection is still possible. Ship to France have aeroplane inspected complete skinning ect ect.To get to that stage might well take 3 years anyway.

Any ideas with regard to the inspections and certification process. Do you think it would be acceptable to CRNA.

Any other way suggested to move forward.

Is it feasible to complete build in Australia and register in australia and then import to France and recertify. Has anybody attempted this with an experimental aircraft before

Olivierfrom Saint-Inglevert - France - LFIS LFAC
Associate, 1840 posts

on June 24 2007

i'm asking friends for giving you good information.

there is one example in France : man building a RV6 in USA and flying in France with a french certification.


Olivierfrom Saint-Inglevert - France - LFIS LFAC
Associate, 1840 posts

on June 26 2007

i'm happy that you find answer with french rv pilots !



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