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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

Arceau de sécurité - WD814

I have problem for installing WD814

Oliver,  got your photos...thanks.  I've attached a photo of one of our stock roll bars sitting on a QB fuselage.  There should be about a 5 degree bend 'down' at the point indicated in the photo to allow the weldment base to follow the contour of the fuselage side rails.  You might check that this bend is approximately correct on your 814 roll bar.  Quite often, the inboard edge will sit a little hight but it can be bent down using a vise and bending tool (large

hammer!) to make it fit. 


 It looks like you may need to clamp the weldment down along the forward edge and possibly use a small shim at the aft end where it bolts to the side rail.  The roll bar proper doesn't have to be exactly perpendicular to the upper longeron...just close.  Let us know what you find.

Scott at Van's

20090829-134534-FAM0658.jpg 20090829-134728-FAM0659.jpg img-2009-1.jpg



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