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Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

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can you please forward the mail to achim krapp

Envoyé par bernie daenzer

hi olivier,

i received an inquiry from achim krapp through my website regarding our rv-7a.

since he is based in france (blagnac) i thought you may know him / know his address... the airbus address does not appear to be working, maybe retired?

thank you very much,

kind regards, bernie

hi achim,

with a little help from google i think i found an address to where i can reply... you forgot to put a proper reply address. hope the responses don't come too late...

regarding 1. we have the advanced flight systems 3400 with the s version. we had the upgraded version from the beginning. the big advantage is that the "s" software is the same as the 4500, so even though they are currently mainly developing the 5500/5600 software, lots of features trickle back into the 4 series software. the traditional 34/35 however almost get no updates any more at all. one of the main improvements that is promised is the new style flight mode annunciator, mainly important in combination with the use of any autopilot or the advanced pilot. the mapping functions are somewhat interesting if you don't have a moving map yet. otherwise, most other gps's will probably deliver more value. i do use a windows xp pc based solution using pocketfms as the main software. there is a development in the works that advanced will use pocketfms as the navdatabase. so no more expensive jeppesen updates required and you get both the flight planning features of the desktop software and the navdatabase updates in the plane for the price of one essentially.

regarding 2. the silencer is a liese mounted behind a custom vetterman 4into1 exhaust. because of the eci cold air induction sump, the only exhaust that fit under the cowling was the 4into4 anyway. vetterman then mounted a 4into1 behind, to which he made an adapter for the liese. we did get into noise cat D with a second attempt at measuring however, because of the piping etc... we had to split open the bottom of the cowling quite a bit, so we suffer a bit at top speed and have more than necessary cooling.

feel free to call me anytime, you can also use skype: cavoknosig

kind regards, bernie

______________________________ / +41 79 293 8272 Mobile / +41 43 411 5920 Home /

Original Message-----
From: [] Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 3:57 PM
To: Van's RV-7A HB-YMT
Subject: [wordpress] 1.) AFS 3500, 2). Silencer

Hello, Nice to see that you have fun with your Van's. We fully understand you and share your pleasure (Achim German nat. she, Geny, French nat.). I just discovered your site while brausing the web for two questions:

1. It looks like that you have an AFS 3500 upgraded to 4500.
  • Is the upgrade worth the money for Europe (too much functions which can not be used)? I installed the AFS 3500, NON-"S" in our RV-6A. The recent discussion with Bob Hickman at EDNY did'nt convince me too much, therefore I try to get user information.
  • Do you use the AFS map with Jepessen Europe, are you satisfied with this product? I am looking for a second GPS to be redundant, but it should work with my present AFS version.

2. I can not see on your pictures the type of silencer you have. If it is a Liese than I would be glad if you let me know the results of your noise evaluation. I have the Liese installed but here in France a silencer is not mendatory and therefore no noise measurement.

Maybe we can discuss those items on the phone if you let me know your extension and availability.

Happy landings Achim F-PGAK

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