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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

Mauvais perçage des skins

I had problem while drilling F824PP through F889

-  first drill : F889 moved under skin and drilled hole close to the F889 edge
-  Second drill : I replaced F889 and redrilled right holes, but  right holes were very close to wrong holes.
-  Third drill : I drilled new holes (yes !) between wrong holes every 0,6"...
do i need replacing F889 on right fuselage side ?
The problem in on forward front side of F889  (by 17" length ).
  2006 03 31 F889 F824PP 45-1.jpg 2006 03 30 F889 F842PP 23-1.jpg 2006 03 31 F889 F824PP 44-1.jpg
La réponse de Van's (Gus Funnel)
I think you can leave the 889 as it is. The extra holes won't weaken it significantly since all the holes are far enough apart, and the extra holes will restore any strength lost by the enlarged holes. The most I would consider doing is to put an .063 doubler along the 17" of the flange with the extra holes, but I doubt that is necessary. F889 doubler
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