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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

Popham 15 May 2006 (report)

Poor early morning weather takes its toll on this years UK RV fly-in arrivals.
Poor weather in the North of England had a significant affect on the number of arriving a/c at this years event. Many RV's are based up north. Low cloud and poor visibility denied the opportunity to match last years 35 visiting RV's. Two French Pilots (Jeremy & Olivier) took the wise decision not to cross the channel despite a wonderful picnic tempting their arrival! Mid afternoon saw a significant improvement in the weather, but alas, it was too late to revive the event. Only 5 or 6 Rv's were on show. The 'Around the World' RV6 pilot Manuel was there and spoke freely with many interested parties. A 'stunning' RV8 G-ZUMI demonstrated just why these aircraft have their reputation. In less than 150 feet it was airbourne. And within a blink of an eye, at apprx. 2000 feet, returning home to Oxford. Flight time only 10 mins!!! The owner is also the distributor for the 'Twister' (he prefers the RV8 though). So, those of you who did'nt make it, you missed nothing. Role on 'La Baule' (weather permitting) Levrie.

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