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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

Gear boxes Rivets callout on DWG 28

2006 05 21 rivets callout DWG28 61.jpg
-  On rivets callout DWG28 820PP-L detail bottom gear boxes there is 2 differents symbols for same rivets ( + for AN426AD4-7 and a + in a lozenge for same rivet AN426AD4-7)
" It's a misprint; they must be the same length as they all go through the same thickness of material (Gus). "

-  Kevin Horton write this
" Plans drawing 28 (at revision R5) shows two rows of AN509 screws at the bottom of the Wd-822. Two of the holes in the lower row are shown as being AN426 rivets. Several earlier builders reported that you could get around this problem by swapping the rivet location with the screw that is just outboard on each side of the landing gear box. I did this mod on my LG box. "

Van's answer is
" More or less what he says. It may solve one problem to swap the fasteners, but it will cause another. I'd leave them in the plans position and use the smaller nuts as he suggests - if you need to. It may be OK anyway. Another thing you can do is rivet nutplates to the WD-822 as they are much smaller than nuts, or use a nutplate on the 802H. "

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