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. Sanglier Volant - Flying wild boar

Total performance Aircraft - Construction d'un avion Van's RV8

Airframe and finishing
Cellule et finition brake, landing gear steering link Capots moteur, wheel fairing, plenum wing tips fiberglass fairings custom canopy french canopy canopy cover interiors interiors sièges éjectables ! Ejection Seat Cushion Systems !!! interior kits *** The Aviator model from Classic Aero also comes with an adjustable lumbar do not have to fabricate the seat backs that Vans supplies in the kit (quite a time consuming job to do well). The Aviator seats have their own inbuilt frame integrated inside the seat back. This gives the seat a very integrated look. You do not have to determine this seat height with the Classic Aero seat because it comes standard with 2 additional integrated "bolsters". So you can put them in or take them out at any time to adjust your height. but not for RV8/4  FLIGHTLINE INTERIORS interieur sièges en résine et carbone harness ceintures de sécurité mousses à mémoire de forme pour les sièges viscoelastic memory foam cushion parachutes composites products and services for builders ceintures de sécurité aviation en Europe; installé dans le RV8 de Stefan jonctions carénages roues et jambes de train

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